Jumeirah Emirates Towers – perfect hotel for a perfect vacation


It’s no secret at all that Mr. Orbis and I are addicted to travel. If we could, we would travel all the time. Since we don’t have that kind of freedom, we have to satisfy our traveling needs two or three times a year, whenever we catch a free moment.

It’s also no secret that we like to enjoy our vacations to the max which includes staying in nice hotels. Therefore, when we decided to travel to Dubai, even before we bought our plane tickets, we started searching for the hotel.

Dubai is known as an extremely popular tourist destination as well as for its incredible hotel offer for all tastes and financial capabilities. All major hotel chains are located in Dubai. Every hotel you can possibly wish for and imagine you will find in this magical city.

We have decided to simplify our search and focus only on the 5-star hotels. Although such search method usually helps, it’s not the case in Dubai. Dubai is the city with the highest concentration of 5-star hotels in the world and their number is growing every year.  Additionally, Dubai is a city that has the highest hotel occupancy during the year, more than 80%.

As you can probably tell, the decision was not easy. With the idea of a perfect vacation and escape from winter, we narrowed down the search to hotels that received only the highest rating.

This time we didn’t have to wait long, Jumeirah Emirates Towers appeared at the very top with 9.2 Superb rating on Booking. That’s it! We knew as soon as we looked at the pictures, seen what hotel offers and read reviews of other guests. This will be a great trip! Just to book a flight and vacation can begin.

We didn’t know how perfect this vacation would be…

Dubai is a city facing the future and Jumeirah Emirates Towers loves bloggers.

When you fly 5.5. hours and land a little before midnight all you want is to find a taxi and get to the hotel as soon as possible. Airplanes are not the most comfortable means of transport, at least if you ask me.


Therefore, when you meet this view right from the cab, you know you’ve come to the right place. The taxi did not even stop properly, and the doorman was already running to open the car door. The bellman took our luggage and informed us that he would carry it to our room. It’s always a relief when you don’t have to drag your suitcases with you through the hotel.

At the reception, we were met by smiling faces and perfect cold lemonade. Just what we needed after a long trip. When you find yourself in a new hotel, it is quite logical that you are eager to see the room, but when it comes to a hotel like this, you just turn around and absorb every detail.


The hotel lobby will make you hold your breath when you see it, and there are Christmas decorations because it was Christmas shortly before our arrival. Mr. Orbis and I booked the Deluxe room and added that we would prefer to stay on a higher floor.

It’s a pity to stay in the city with so many fantastic skyscrapers and not to have a beautiful view of the city. They gave us a room on the 23rd floor. And yes, the hotel has a glass panoramic elevator.

Just look at this perfection and view from the lift! Isn’t it incredible?

Ah, when will we finally get to our room?

jumeriah 1

The corridors are covered with soft carpets and we came to the entrance of the room. But wait…there are three rooms in that passage? Or not?


Three rooms and suite 2301. We looked at the card. We are 2301! We got the suite! Frankly, we couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.


View from the door to the dining room located in the middle of the suite. You will have to forgive me, I know the suite is a bit messy, but we just threw away our stuff because we couldn’t wait to see the room.

It turned out that our hotel, Jumeirah Emirates Towers loves bloggers, so your Orbis girl has been upgraded to the 87-square-meter Executive Tower Suite. And the view…but, let’s go from the beginning.


In the long corridor is a bathroom number 1. Small, marble and has everything you need. One quick sigh and we could hardly wait to see what’s more to explore.


A living room with a working space, because it’s an Executive Suite after all. Mr. Orbis and I immediately dropped our laptops on the table together with cell phones, camera, and 100 chargers. Our poor and hardworking valet has been cleaning all day long and untangling charging chords.


A look at our office and yes, you can see the slippers. In case you were wondering, you will get them at the hotel, and if the valet decides that they are no longer snowy white, you will get new ones. Top service!

Small but important bits and bobs at the working desk, much needed to everyone who works even on vacation. Office supplies, papers, envelopes and even postcards.



View from the other side of the room. Sofa, armchairs, coffee table and a large Smart TV. And when you see what’s on the TV screen…Ready?


My name is in two rooms, on two TV’s. A little detail that made me completely delighted. They thought of everything, and at that moment, I felt very special. In addition, we also received cookies and fruit as a welcome. Refreshment at one past midnight is always a good idea if you ask me.


Of course, the suite is also expected to have a coffee and tea maker. Two cups are missing because we just made our coffee.


Let’s move on because if you think you’ve seen everything I can assure you that best is yet to come. Off to the bedroom part of the suite.


Comfortable king size bed, much needed after a long day filled with walking and exploring the city and a corner with a vanity and a mirror.


As you can already tell, we are talking here about a top rated hotel. Therefore, it’s not strange to find a box on a vanity with a hairdryer and flat iron.


We are coming to the best part of the room. The part I used the most. Do you see these stairs beneath the TV?


These stairs lead to this – a corner bed with a glass wall overlooking the city!


Isn’t it amazing? Mr. Orbis immediately named it – a blogger’s corner. He knows me too well.


As you can imagine, I’ve settled here and didn’t want to move. I fell in love with the view. Every day I was struggling with myself – to stay here or to go out and explore the city? When you have room like this, you want to spend more time in it but in a city like Dubai it is extremely difficult.

Just look at the view from the room! You can even see Burj Khalifa.


Now you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s so hard to leave this corner? I can imagine myself reading here all day.


Suite that is fully glazed and with a view of the entire city would be incomplete without a royal bathroom.


Equipped with a large marble bathtub and shower as well as all the little things you can possibly imagine but you may need during your stay.


If I have to choose, I prefer a shower but this bathtub changed my mind. A bathtub with a panoramic view of the city? Yes, please!


And, of course, one daytime photo. You know…just because.


This is what I call a nice view. I used to think that I wouldn’t be able to leave my glass corner but now I decided that I wouldn’t be able to leave a bathtub as well.

Of course, you will also get a bath salt and a rubber duck. Just in case you are wondering…


If I only knew what I would get I would never carry so much cosmetics.


I still can’t decide whether I prefer day or night view from the room. They say a picture is worth 1000 words but these pictures can’t describe all this beauty.

When it comes to breakfast, the hotel is offering two options – a ground floor dining room and the other one on the 50th floor. In case you are interested, classical quite music is always playing in the background during breakfast and the food choice is so great that even the pickiest person (like me) can’t stay hungry with so many options.


Breakfast view on the 50th floor. It’s hard to concentrate on food with this view, do you agree?


Those who are following me on Facebook already know how I fell in love with this view.


I have to admit that I’m obsessed with the views. I can freely classify myself as a view hunter.

Would you like to know what’s for breakfast today?


We have a chef who prepares eggs in every possible fashion. Do I need to point out that I was eating them for breakfast every single day? Something that never happens because I always skip my breakfast and only have my coffee and granola bar. But, in Jumeirah Emirates Towers that’s just impossible.


If you need something sweet or just a fresh fruit you will get that also.


And did I mention that the coffee is just as good as the one in Italy? I never had such good coffee outside of Italy, to be honest.


Dubai is known as a city where it almost never rains. However, it happens here and there and if you have such bad luck to be in Dubai when it’s raining and don’t know what to do with yourself, just walk through the shops in the hotel lobby.

Do you like Tom Ford?


Or maybe you prefer Paco Rabanne?


And for those who love jewelry, don’t worry, you will find some nice precious stones at the hotel.



As you can see, you can’t be bored even if it rains. Unlike me, Mr. Orbis is a real car enthusiast. I will only stop and look if I spot an American muscle car but he generally loves everything with an engine and 4 wheels.

That’s why car spotting in front of the hotel was such a good fun. Our hotel is known in Dubai and beyond as a great place to visit and every evening you can spot some amazing supercars at the entrance. A paradise for all car lovers.


Don’t think that Christmas decorations remained in the lobby the whole time. One evening the Christmas trees disappeared and were replaced with wonderful flower arrangements.


And now I will leave you with images of the sunrise and the view I fell in love with.




I usually don’t take photos of sunrises because I hate to wake up early in the morning but Dubai is the city that simply invites you to wake up early and start an adventure even though the bed is cozy and comfortable.

I have to admit that this city has stolen my heart as you will find out from my travel stories (the first one will be published next Friday). This wonderful hotel has also stolen my heart and I’m pretty sure my experience wouldn’t be half as good if I stayed in a different hotel.

But the heart of this hotel are people employed at a hotel and who will give you a royal treatment. And if you are a blogger by any chance, I’m quite confident you will get an extra special treatment.

I’ve been to many great 5-star hotels so I have a pretty good benchmark but what I can say with confidence is that the Jumeirah Emirates Towers has overshadowed all of them with its excellent service and luxurious design.


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