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Instagram Reels – How To Use Text To Speech In Your Reel Video

Instagram Reels … I’m sure you’ve all used it so far, watched it, and maybe even recorded your own little Reel video. Like many new features that Instagram releases every now and then, Instagram Reels has gained incredible popularity, especially among influencers who record Reels to entertain their audience, add a little variety to content that easily becomes monotonous and boring, and it is believed that the algorithm loves Reels so the more you use (record) it the more visible you will be on Instagram.

Is that really true? Let’s leave the algorithms for another time, and now focus on the new add-on that Instagram added to Reels just a month ago. It is a a brand new feature known as Text To Speech.

With this feature, Instagram automatically converts the text you wrote on your Reels into speech. This feature is certainly already known to everyone who uses TikTok, and it is especially popular because it allows visually impaired people to hear text and use the application without any problems, like everyone else.

Let’s learn how to use the text-to-speech feature in Instagram Reels.

  1. Record or upload clips in Instagram Reels, then tap the text icon at the top of the screen and type your text.


2. Now tap on the matching text bubble at the bottom of the screen.


3. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the text bubble.


4. Tap “Text-to-Speech.”


5. Tap “Voice 1” or “Voice 2” to preview these options.


6.  When you’ve selected the Voice you want to use, tap “Done.”


7. A speaker icon will appear at the left side of the text bubble to let you know text-to-speech has been turned on. Tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen to continue editing your Reel.


Why don’t I have the Text To Speech feature on Instagram Real?

If you still don’t have this fun and useful feature that has made Reels even better and more creative, no worries. Instagram launched it only in November last year, and like other features, this one is not available to everyone at the same time.

Instagram is releasing its new stuff slowly and gradually so if you are still unable to use the text-to-speech option, you will soon be. Check Reels regularly, keep the app up to date and be patient. As always, this feature will soon be available to everyone.


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